All those who volunteer to participate in AMPS Rescue should be prepared to abide by these guidelines. A detailed volunteer manual is also provided online to assist with procedures.

All Miniature Pinschers surrendered to AMPS Rescue will be spayed and/or neutered prior to placement unless, a statement from a veterinarian pertaining to dog's health or age is submitted to your Regional Coordinator and approved by the AMPS Directors.

Every AMPS Rescue volunteer agrees to honor the confidentiality of the information entrusted to their care. Dog history, former owner, foster home, veterinarian, potential adopter and final placement home all may expect to have their right to confidentiality observed. Any and all paperwork surrendered with a dog should go with the dog to its new home and the copy retained for AMPS records.

Volunteer's agree to return all inquiring phone calls or emails in a timely fashion.

Anyone seeking to surrender or adopt a minpin should be provided some form of educational material or verbal counseling. It is preferable, when possible, if it is in the dog's best interest, that we help the owner keep their dog.

Examples of materials that may help could be: information about an obedience class, behavior modification through positive reinforcement training, clicker training, insight into behavior information, links to web sites or phone numbers for associations with lists of companion dog trainers, health and feeding information, encouragement to have the dog seen by a Veterinarian to rule out medical issues as a cause for unacceptable behavior. Once a Minpin has been surrendered to the AMPS Rescue organization it becomes the property of and legal responsibility of AMPS.

The volunteer must sign the current Foster Home Agreement and abide by these guidelines and procedures.

No foster home will be approved for AMPS surrendered dogs without a home visit. All foster homes will be assisted by their Regional Coordinator. The Regional Coordinator is responsible to follow up that the dog is properly vetted, evaluated, and healthfully maintained while in the foster home.

The Regional Coordinator and/or volunteer is also responsible for the follow up of the dog three months and one year after placement.

A written record must be kept of all dates pertaining to vetting, placement or transfer of all dogs surrendered to AMPS with copies of appropriate forms. This data must be sent to your Regional Coordinator in a timely manner.

Each coordinator will agree to provide potential owners with detailed medical records of the dog's stay in AMPS Rescue foster care, a veterinary prognosis if necessary and a going home packet of valuable information provided by AMPS Rescue.

The placement of dogs shall ultimately be decided by the Foster home with input from the Regional Coordinator. However, only after careful screening, home visit and reference checks have been completed.

Each dog must be tracked and documented in all aspects of care and placed with an AMPS approved adoption contract in a home chosen in accordance with our adoption procedures. Follow up will be done on all placed dogs to ensure their care and safety.

Foster homes are responsible to keep a record of all vet expenses with receipts and submit them with the required form for reimbursement in accordance with our guide for reimbursement. All vet bills must be submitted within 30 days or they will not be approved for reimbursement.

Photograph: Black and Tan Miniature Pinscher