Getting a new pet is making a lifetime commitment to the animal . Pets are living creatures, capable of fear, love, pain, loneliness, and joy. They should never be considered disposable property,as you made the decision to make them members of the family. In a perfect world, pet ownership would not be taken lightly and full consideration would be given, before hand, to all the possible scenarios that could affect this innocent dogs future. In a perfect world, people would adopt animals with the notion that giving them up would be out of the question, regardless of the reason. But, we do not live in that perfect world , and, certainly, there are a few justifiable reasons that make it necessary to relocate the animal.

The reality is you have choices.

  1. Take the dog to a shelter where it may end up being euthanized due to overcrowding.
  2. Surrender the dog to rescue who will work to find the dog a new loving forever home.
  3. Ideally, find a solution to the problem. Remember if it is a behavior or training problem, the dog was not born with it. They learn these bad behaviors because as a puppy it was cute but as an adult, it is not so funny.

Can we help you keep your pet?

  • Please contact us to discuss the problems you are having with your pet. Maybe we can help you in correcting a bad behavior.
  • Consider Obedience training. This is the ideal situation for a dog. Simple commands will help with some annoying behaviors.

If you decide to place your Min Pin in our care, please visit our “Contacts Page”, and email the person listed as a contact for your state, or call our toll-free number (1-888-805-2677). Please keep in mind that our ability to take your pet into foster care depends on the availability of open fosters, and it might take some time to find a temporary home for your Min Pin. Ultimately, before we can accept any Min Pin, we will ask you to complete the Owner Release Form. Any information you can provide us about your pet's likes, dislikes, health, and history will help us greatly to find the right home for him or her.

Photograph: Black and Tan Miniature Pinscher