IS A MINIATURE PINSCHER RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY? Adopting any pet will change the dynamic of your family and adding a dog is a big decision that the Miniature Pinscher is a hardy, intelligent, fun loving, small dog with high self-esteem. Although it is considered a Toy Breed, its energy level is high and exercise needs can sometimes be far more than one might consider for such a small dog. As a general rule Min Pins do fine with other dogs if well socialized, but can be difficult with other types of pets and very often will chase small animals due to their terrier ancestry. Sometimes reserved with strangers, they make excellent watchdogs, which makes them inclined to be noisy. A Min Pin pup must have early and persistent housebreaking, especially the males. Their close, slick coat requires minimal grooming, however they do shed.

MIN PINS AND CHILDREN. Children and dogs should never be left alone and unattended, even for a moment. Young children do not understand how to treat dogs, and dogs do not understand a child's behavior. This can result in tragedy with any breed of dog. Like children, each dog is different in personal-ity, energy and patience levels. So each relationship between a dog and a child should be considered on an individual basis. While the Min Pin is a toy breed, it is not a toy. Min Pins will tolerate a certain amount of attention from a child, but grabbing, pinching, sudden movement and aggressiveness will be met with defensive reactions, such as running away or biting. It is important to realize that even as a full grown adult, the Miniature Pinscher is a very small dog. The wrong type of play can easily result in broken bones or worse. Even though the Min Pin is a bundle of energy and will bounce from the sofa to the floor, dropping one from that same sofa can easily result in injury. If Miniature Pinschers are raised around re-sponsible children who treat them in a gentle way, they will adore children. Patience, love and common sense are the inherent ingredients for a healthy relationship between your Miniature Pinscher and your family. We do not adopt out our rescued Min Pins to homes with children under the age of 10 unless the dog has specifically been raised with children.


STEP 1: THE APPLICATION AND REFERENCE CHECK. Fill out the online adoption application available at our website: Once we receive your application, our first step is to check your veterinarian and/or landlord references. We call your vet to verify information on your past and current pets, and call your landlord (if necessary) to verify whether dogs are acceptable and if there are any weight or breed restrictions.

STEP 2: THE PHONE CALL. After talking with your vet and/or landlord, we make arrangements to have a brief telephone conversation with you to exchange general information about the breed, specific information about the particular Min Pin you are interested in, and take the time to get to know one an-other. At All Miniature Pinscher Service we are all about the dogs. We want to find the right families for our Min Pins, and find the right Min Pin for your family. We have a 100% success rate in our adoption program and we plan to keep it that way.

STEP 3: THE HOME VISIT. Next, we schedule a home visit and if possible make arrangements to bring the Min Pin with us to visit your home. Please understand this does not guarantee the Min Pin will stay and the adoption will be finalized at this point. However, on some occasions we may be able to complete the adoption contract (available on our website) and finalize everything during your home visit. NOTE: All members of the family must be present at the time of the home visit

ADOPTION DONATIONS. The cost of adoption is based on the needs of the Min Pin being adopted. Normal adoption donations for healthy dogs range from $75. - $350 depending on the dog you pick out. The donation fees above do not reflect any vet fees, which will need to be reimbursed to AMPS. All of our Min Pin's go to their forever homes up to date on medical care and with behavior issues evaluated. We always give each Min Pin everything they need, and we never let medical costs or human hours negatively impact a Min Pin's life. The dogs' needs always come first - always!

All Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered with the Secretary of State of New Hampshire. All Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc (AMPS) is exempt under section 501(c3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our volunteers give their time, money, and hearts to save Miniature Pinschers' lives. 100% of your adoption donation, and all other donations, pay the medical costs of Min Pins within the rescue. No volunteers receive any monetary compensation.

During this process, please continue to check the website for available dogs and be sure to contact the foster home for further information about any dog of interest.

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